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Manna Ministries was extremely honored and felt very blessed to have been awarded a grant of $152,763 from the AstraZeneca HealthCare Foundation for a second year, to support our “Heart 2 Heart Initiative”, a program that is focused on reducing the incidence of Cardiovascular Disease in Mississippi.  Mississippi ranks number two in the nation for deaths related to heart disease.  This grant was used to screen, educate, encourage, empower, and create an environment of “I can do this” in program participants. Mississippi health statistics can be changed one person at a time and this grant allowed us to do so. 


We were able to give free heart risk screenings which included:


* Testing for blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar


* Weight and body mass index


* One on one consultation and follow up treatment with a nurse practitioner



Access to program focused on physical activity, health education, which included:


* Walking, low impact exercises


* Healthy meal planning, shopping, best practices for nutrition for chronic



* Managing stress, controlling eating triggers


* Education on risk factors and how they affect your heart


* Provided support groups on how to make small lifestyle changes, and group session on how to sustain a healthy lifestyle


*Provided support groups on overcoming barriers to your success.


"MOVE" Minimized Obesity in Picayune

Obesity is the leading cause of high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease. Our "Move" program proved to be a success in lowering the statistics in Picayune by tailor-made plans for each individual's needs and a team coach to personally walk each participant through their individual program.


The choices we make are the building blocks and foundation that determine the quality of life we have.  We are making choices today that are directly affecting our tomorrows.  Manna Ministries' desire for the participants of MOVE were for them to learn how to make informed decisions that will distinctly influence thier health and life.


MOVE accomplished the following:



-57% of adults reduced weight by an average of 9 pounds

-33% of adults reduced weight by an average of 14 pounds

-25% of children lost an average  of 5.2 pounds

-60% of adults lowered Hemoglobin A1C by an average of 1.4           points

-83% of adults lowered blood Pressure by an average of 30 points

-68% of adults lowered total cholesterol by average of 22 points



-79% of adults reprted an increase in exercise since starting the         program

-100% of children reported they increased exercise since starting   the program

-100% of adults participants state eating better  and making better   food choices

-50% of children reported eating better

-70% of adults reported increased interest in overall health and well   being


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