Our purpose is to provide an after school tutorial and wellness program for students from local schools (2nd and 3rd grade)  who are reading at below grade level.  Students will attend literacy reading classes which will include fitness and a nutrition education component.



There is an irrefutable correlation that connects literacy with the increased development and productivity of communities and society at-large.  Literacy is extremely beneficial both to the individual and to the entire social structure and is one of the primary keys for socio-economic development.

Literacy development is not restricted to simply the ability to read and write.  It permeates an entire cultural climate and refers to a person’s ability to identify, understand, create, and communicate.

Equally important as literacy is the physical and emotional health of a child. Health statistics for Mississippi are among the worst in the nation.  Head and Heart Academy will address both literacy and physical wellness components of the child.  We will offer reading tutoring, and physical health and nutrition education.


* 2nd and 3rd graders from area elementary schools

* Students needing help in reading and comprehension.

* Students who want to learn and parents that are committed to their success.

* Learn at your own pace in a comfortable environment.

If the children of Pearl River County are to thrive as  future “bearers of the torch” for this community, they must be provided optimal opportunity for success in an ever-changing global environment. The approach to literacy and physical wellness must be holistic, research-proven, and data driven.

Manna Ministries is honored to have received a grant from United Way of South Mississippi to support this education initiative. 


 The foundation for overall school success is academic literacy, physical well-being and spiritual inspiration. Manna Ministries, Inc. is ideally positioned to meet these needs. Our organization has a long history of providing high quality service to the county and has proven its effectiveness at delivering measurable results to this community for many years.


Manna Ministries, Inc. fully understands that children who operate in environments that are vibrant, spiritually uplifting, and economically viable learn to thrive and ultimately are able to become productive citizens of the community and the society at-large.



1. Students will be able to read on or above grade level.

2. Promotion of a life-long love of reading.

3. Improved grades in Reading.

4. Provide students with opportunities to incorporate recreational activities in
    a safe afterschool environment.

5. Commitment to your child’s success, well being and safety.


For more information about our Head & GHeart program simply email us, call us, or come by and see us at one of the contact points below.

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