Letter from the Director

This letter is from my heart and speaks to the very heart and core of Manna Ministries. It is a heartfelt acknowledgement of all our volunteers. Without our volunteers, Manna would simply be a good idea someone should do. The volunteers that serve in all our areas are truly the most selfless people I know. They are the very definition of what a volunteer is. The definition of a volunteer is someone who contributes time, effort and talent in response to a need or mission. These words embody the people here. The heart of Manna is to take care of the people The Lord brings to us to the very best of our ability and they do. We are by no means perfect and we can’t fix everything or everyone, but they try often going above and beyond. In Isaiah 58:10 the scripture says,

“Feed the hungry and help those in trouble. Then your light will shine out from the darkness, and the darkness around you will be as bright as noon.”

The volunteers are the light, love, and all that Christ calls us to be. I would like to extend a personal invitation to anyone that wants to serve our community. Our belief is if this is our community then these are our people to take care of. We have numerous opportunities to serve in all our area. The joy of receiving life is only surpassed by the joy of giving life. Come join us and give your life away.

Contact our main office at 601-799-2121 and leave a message. I promise we will contact you and find the perfect place and opportunity for you to give your life away. We were never created to live our lives for ourselves only.  We are meant to serve, love on, and help others succeed.

Executive Director jameye Martin