AstraZeneca Supports Manna’s MOVE Program

AstraZeneca HealthCare Foundation “Connections for Cardiovascular Health” has awarded Manna Ministries Inc. $179,570 in support of their “MOVE” program.   A program designed to educate, engage and empower individuals and families in reaching healthier lifestyles for themselves and their communities, through support, encouragement and community collaborative, thereby reducing obesity in Mississippi one family at a time.

The AstraZeneca HealthCare Foundation’s Connections for Cardiovascular Health (CCH) program awarded nearly $1 million in grants to 10 organizations working to help improve cardiovascular health in their communities.

Jameye Martin, CEO of Manna Ministries states “This funding will allow us to offer this program free to the communities we serve, in support of educating individuals on how to eat healthy, how to integrate physical activities into busy schedules, facts about risk factors associated with obesity, and managing chronic diseases”.  “Mississippi ranks number two in the nation for obesity, we have to start somewhere, and we feel this program will work for anyone no matter how many times they have struggled and failed”.  For more information about the program please call 601-799-2121