Manna Ministries Responds to Flooding Disaster in Pearl River County

In May of 2019, Poplarville, MS and surrounding areas had to deal with significant flooding due to an above average rainfall for the season.  About 50 homes received flood water. Many families were displaced and some lost not only their homes but vehicles as well.

Manna Ministries was prepared! Manna works closely with the local Emergency Operations Center in monitoring storms and in working with local community partners in responding to disaster recovery needs.  We were ready to respond to these families assisting their immediate needs of food, clothing, medications, hygiene products, alternative housing, and case management services.

Manna is continually working with MEMA to assist these families in repairing or replacing some of the homes damaged by this disaster.   If you or someone you know have been affected For more information on how you can help these families in their recovery, please call 601-799-2121 and ask for Dixie Reneault or Jameye Martin.

Flood damaged furniture on the side of the road from the May 2019 flooding in South Mississippi of Pearl River County

Flood victims may have lost numerous material goods, but life was spared and all were grateful to still be alive and well.

Flood Waters of Pearl River County 2019

Flood Waters in Pearl River County May 2019

Woman in flood damaged home

Flood victims try to stay positive amid the devastation.