Dr. T, as she is affectionately referred to by those who know her, is an amazing woman.  She is from Amarak, Iran.  She attended Isfahan Medical University in Iran and later performed her residency in Pediatrics at Louisiana State University.  She became board certified in Pediatrics in 1982.  Dr. T lost her beloved husband in 1984 in a car accident.  She has two daughters, one of which lives in Baltimore and the other lives in New York City.

Dr. T entered private practice in Picayune, Mississippi in 1983. She had a thriving practice for 21 years, until 2004 when she thought she was going to retire.

Highland Community Hospital then lost their only Pediatrician, so Dr. T came out of retirement and covered the hospital from 2004 till early 2005.  When Hurricane Katrina came ashore, she covered the hospital until it had to close temporarily due to storm damage.  She also  worked with Red Cross serving food to the multitudes for about six weeks.