Family Advocacy Program

We Connect Families to the Resources They Need.

We are grateful to Lower Pearl River Valley Foundation for their support of the Family Advocacy Program in helping so many families of Pearl River County. The goal of the Family Advocacy Program is always to connect families with resources so the family unit can remain intact.

Disrupting the family unit is the worst-case scenario, which many times is the only option until a parent can adequately care for their child. Our goal is to make any transition that must occur as easy as possible on the child and the family or relative with whom they will be staying.

Through the efforts of the Family Advocacy Program and our community partners 70% of the families we served were stabilized utilizing the resources we provided. Resources given to families range from substance abuse treatment, rental assistance, parenting classes, to items such as beds, car seats, and diapers.

Items most needed are new/gently used:

Mattresses (Baby, Twin, Queen)
Bed Frames of all sizes (including Baby, Toddler, and Bunkbeds)
Mattress Covers (all sizes)
Car Seats (all sizes)
Sheets and Comforters/Quilts (all sizes)
Diapers/Pull Ups (most needed sizes are 4,5,6)

*Monetary Donations are also accepted, please be sure to notate that funds given are for the Family Advocacy Program. All donations made to Manna Ministries are tax deductible.

Family Advocacy
Manna Ministries Family Advocacy Program was created to connect families to available resources within the community. The focus of this program is to promote safe, stable, self-sufficient families. If you know someone who would benefit from this program or would like some more information, please call Meghan at 601-799-2121 or 601-569-6991 or email her at